Mr.Whoopie goes to Washington

Whoopie attacks

Mr.Whoopie storms the speakers podium and disrupts congress

The National Reporter
A man who dresses up in a giant whoopie cushion and calls himself Mr.Whoopie invaded congress this weekend.
“No one saw him enter the room, all of a sudden this guy dressed like a giant whoopie cushion was dancing around next to the speaker making loud obnoxious noises.” Said chief security officer, Henry Lasko.
The members of congress stared in disbelief as he put on his display, then just as quickly as he appeared he dashed out of the room and headed to the senate.
He pushed his way past two guards and barged through the doors. As soon as he was inside he ran to the middle of the crowded room and started dancing wildly, flailing his arms and making very loud obnoxious noises.

Whoopie 2

Mr.Whoopie's next stop, the senate floor.

“We all thought it was a joke, or maybe some one was getting one of those gag telegrams. You know like a singing telegram.” Senator Brownstone said.”I guess he was just a nut, I mean, he was just dancing around making noises. He wasn’t even making any kind of political protest or anything, he was just dancing around making sputtery fart noises. It didn’t make any sense at all, he must have been drunk or high on drugs. It was one of the weirdest things I have ever seen.”
Mr. Whoopie was apprehended a few minutes later by DC police and charged with trespassing and being a disorderly person.
He is being held in DC city jail in leu of $50.000 bond.

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