Hillary Clinton caught peeping in neighbors bedroom window

Peeping Hillary

Shocking photographic evidence of Hillarys twisted compulsion

The National Reporter
For weeks people living in the posh neighborhood in upper state NY where former president Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary now call home have complained to police that they have found foot prints in the snow out side of their bedroom windows indicating that there was a peeping Tom on the loose.
Police investigated but found no clues as to the identity of the peeping Tom, they dismissed it as neighborhood teenagers having a few laughs.
For awhile the incidents stopped until a week ago when a neighbor (who wishes to remain anonymous) got the shock of her life when she saw someone standing outside of her bedroom window looking inside.
The woman immediatly grabbed her camera and snapped a photo of the peeping Tom a split second before she saw her and ran off.
She couldn’t believe her eyes when she examined the face in the image.
It was Hillary Clinton!
She waited until her husband came home and showed him the photo.
He was agast at what he saw.
“How can she do such a thing?” he said. “for Gods sake, she ran for president of the United States last year and she is the former first lady.”
They took the photo to the police and showed it to detectives.
After they had examined it and confirmed that it was indeed Hillary Clinton, they cautioned the couple and advised them to keep quiet about it.
“You know what happens when you cross the Clintons.”detective Jones warned. “You’le end up dead and we will have to cover it up.”

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