10 year old boy crashes toy train through his bedroom window.


I hate this train, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!

The National Reporter
10 year old David Steinberg wasn’t happy with the train set his father gave him so he drove it through his bedroom window and onto his familys front lawn.
The angry young lad then locked himself in his room and refused to open it.
“We pleaded with him for hours to open his door so we could talk.” his mother said. “We told him we would buy him a better train set, but he just wouldn’t listen to us, He just kept telling his father and I to go f*** ourselves and that he was going to commit suicide.”
When the police arrived at the scene they were shocked, they had no idea how a train ended up against their house the way it was.
When the boys father explained that it was his son’s toy train and he drove it out the window, they insisted on seeing the boy.
“We went up to his room but his door was locked and he wasn’t opening it.” Officer Welkson explained. “He just kept telling us to go f*** ourselves and if we didn’t leave him alone he was going to kill himself.”
Later that day Davids father gave him what he wanted, a 40 ton high speed bullet locomotive that he had air lifted all the way from Japan.
“It cost me quite a bit of money to have it flown in, but my son’s happiness is worth it.”
David finally came out of his room and he hasn’t threatened to kill himself for almost two weeks now.
“He’s a wonderful child.” David’s mother said.

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