Radar guns cause cancer!


LOL,..I am giving you cancer!

The National Reporter
Think that police offcer pointing the radar gun at you is harmless?
Think again.
After years of exstensive study at the national cancer institute it has been confirmed that one minute of exposure to the electro-sonic wave from a radar gun is equivelent to one hour of continious exposure to an X-ray machine.
Scientists at the national cancer institute have issued a dire warning to all law enforcement agencys on the danger they are presenting to the public.
So far none of the police agencys have responded.
A warning to all motorists from the national cancer institute.
If you feel a tingling warm sensation while driving, look around.
If a police officer is pointing his radar gun at you he could be giving you cancer.

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One Response to Radar guns cause cancer!

  1. Bobbi Jo says:

    I am a 7 year breast cancer survivor, and for 6 years before the cancer, I was a fulltime police officer. I have been out of uniform since my diagnosis, but not on my own terms initially. I went into law enforcement in 1997, and was diagnosed with the cancer on my 33rd birthday, in June of 2004. I have truly wondered all this time if it could have been from something in my environment as a police officer. I did run radar, and had a radar gun, both handheld and dash mounted during my that whole time as an officer. We waited about 2 years after I had been told I was finally clear of the cancer (about 11 months), before we did the gene testing to see if I carry the gene. I do not. I am a female, if you were wondering, and although it is supposed to lower your risk of getting breast cancer, I breastfed all 3 of my children. I come from a huge family, my Mom is the 2nd of 9 kids, and I am the 2nd of 38 grandchildren and still growing,,,my point,,no one has else has been diagnosed in my family. I did smoke, but only for about 5 years, and even when I did, it was less than a half a pack a day. My doctors have said that I probably shouldn’t still be here, because I fell into the 1% that chemo didn’t work for. There were MANY other instances of the cancer that came up throughout this time, that had doctors shaking their head,,,,so I it kind of makes you think. Any suggestions? I am 41 now

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