Joan Rivers has a .22 caliber bullet in her ass


It hurts when I laugh.

The National Reporter
Famous comedian Joan Rivers has been suffering in silence for over forty years as the result of a botched robbery.
In 1967 while performing on stage in a New York comedy club, three armed robbers burst in and demanded everyones wallets.
Miss Rivers was shocked and stood at her microphone too terrified to speak as the thugs strong armed the patrons who filled the spacious room.
While one of the thugs was reaching into a mans back pocket, the man suddenly spun in his seat and slugged him, knocking him out cold.
As he fell to the floor, his gun discharged in Miss River’s direction striking her in the right buttock.
She fell to the stage screaming in agony as the lead slug burned into her tender hiney.
The crooks fled the scene and disapeared onto the streets within seconds.
Miss Rivers was taken by ambulance to a NY hospital and underwent two hours of surgery.
Unfortunatly doctors were unable to remove the bullet because it was dangerously close to her spinal column and could have caused her the use of her legs.
Today Joan Rivers is enjoying a full life despite the irritating reminder in her ass of that frightening day.

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